Who am i

Bikash Sundaray - Just a Human

Bikash !!!

Hyperpolyglot Programmer !!!

Am Bikash.A Very Passionate Tech Guy from the City of Temple Bhubaneswar, India.

Too much love for Coding,Blogging,Biking,Gaming and Funny experiments with codes. Fully active on github for open-source contribution and Forums.

A Hardcore Computer Gamer,Series that i liked the most are Farcry, Crysis, Call of Duty, NFS.

A Super Hero by Day and Coder by night.

Working Live Since 2009

Playing with Technology and Code Since 2000

I Personally believe ,Experience does not matter,the thing that matters the most is what you have done in that experience.

These days running my experiments on Next Gen Protocols, Data Storage, Drones, Augmented Reality, Open Source Hardware, Circuit Broads and Robotics. Feel free to consult with me on these.


Never judge me on technology, i work like a champ and drive like a boss.

Area Expertise:

DevOps, IoT and AI Engineer

Write Code on C#, Dot Net Core, Java8/9, PHP, Python, JavaScript – Expert

Expert in Chatbot Development

Security Analysis and Fixing on Mobile App Security and Web-App security

Android Hybrid, iOS Hybrid, Windows Mobile HybridExpert

Android Native / iOS NativeBeginner

Cloud Servers, 0% downtime Deployment system, E2E Testing, Process monitoring

Games and AR/VR App – Intermediate


Technology Expertise:

Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Chatbot, NLP, ML Algo, Web solution, Mobile Solution, Log Analysis and Telephonic solution

DevOps: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Pipeline, Shell-scripts, CoreOS, Prometheus

Backend: PHP, Java8/9, Python, Cakephp, Payment Gateways, SMS, IVRS, System integration, MBaas, Pass, SOA, SaaS, RabbitMQ

Javascript: Angular, Nodejs, PhantomJS, Jquery, jqueryUI, OOPs Javascript, Gulp, Grunt, Yo, AMD, HandleBars

Mobile: Ionic Framework, Appcelerator, Cordova, phoneGap, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile

Database: NewSQL, A-Z Principles, NoSql, MongoDB, Neo4j, SQL SERVER, MYSQL, PGSQL, SQLite

Testing: Robot FM, Junit, Mocha, Jasmine, nightWatch, Selenium Web Driver

Protocols:IPFS, HTTP2

Payment Gateways: Paypal, PayU, CCAvenue, SBI, SBI Vistaar.

CMS: Drupal, WordPress

Designing: Adobe Flash , Photoshop, Fireworks, CSS Frameworks.

Tools: fireFTP, burp suite, hijackMe, V8 engine, PortablePHP

Web Security: Experience up to level-3 security on web application.

Writing Security Defensive codes for better and secure web application.Worked on many Cyber Security fixing of Attacks, like csrf , xss , sql injection , buffer over-flow , session hijacking ,dos , video audio hack , broken encryption , broken secure login , broken authentication.


Server & device Expertise:

Server OS: Windows server 2008, 2012, Ubuntu, centOS, FedoraOS, openSuse, Solaris, RedHat, CoreOS

Backend Solution: Server configuration, Server management, Load balancer, Apache solr, Redis, Apache web-server

Devices: Barcode Printer, Barcode sticker handlers, pointing device controller, Beacons


Work Experience:

Nearly 9+ years of experience in the field of Technology and Code

Worked on most innovative Machine Learning Solutions

Worked on at about 60 Application development – ( Like a Rock Star :) from the beginning

Worked on 30 large-scale Applications (Banking, Finance, logistics, Social Media, Aeronautics, Medical – Domains)

15 Enterprise Mobile applications

Architect for 10 Mobile Applications & 10 End-to-End Solutions

A never give up kind of guy , because i can see a solution inside a problem.


bikashkumars [AT] gmail [DOT] com

bikash [AT]goplanner[DOT]com


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