Top 10 Programming languages you should learn in 2018


This is purely based on my own analysis. This is not going the hamper any brand value of any companies running behind these languages.

I am in touch and working with Many developers around the world for different technology. Being part of of Open source project hosted by Microsoft and Google.

So here you go, top 10 programming languages that are going to make your 2018-19 Awesome.

I have considered following parameter while rating these languages

  • Popularity Growth
  • Github Projects
  • Commercial value
  • Documentation
  • Community Support
  • Market Value

(Top – 10) C++ Programming – The God Father. Still many games and kiosk Apps are based on C++. Giving C and C++ same spot.

(Top – 9) PHP – Still many Websites are on PHP, Technology like WordPress and Drupal are going strong. Although most of PHP projects for AI and ML could not convince me and not very promising.Might be we will see something new from PHP, that might help PHP to keep its spot.

(Top – 8) TypeScript – Now TypeScript best suited for Angular and React – Two best frontend UI Framework around the world. It picks the Number 1 spot in static type programming languages. I am damn sure, very soon we can see building Server side application using TypeScript pre-processing.

(Top – 7) Scala – Coolest JVM based lang. and high class performance. If you will ask me Java or Scala, i will choose Scala because of its functional type syntax and performance. If you are bigData Developer, now its time for Fast Data rather than bigData, scala redefines the meaning of FAST Data.

(Top – 6) Swift – Now its Apple’s official language for iOS, tvOS and watchOS application development. Using Swift framework like “perfect” Backend application is development more matured now.This can replace NodeJS single handedly.

(Top – 5) Java – Going to remain BOSS in its class for up-coming years. If you are targeting Web-Application, Android Application and BigData processing then Java keeps this spot.

(Top -4) C#  – With the power of Xamarin For the mobile Application development. C# is the default programming language for the Unity Framework Games and 3D engine application development. With the Edge of Virtual reality and Mix Reality C# is going to pick this spot. Microsoft Azure ML Cloud, Machine Learning and AI Libraries – C# going very strong. For this spot, i have not considered C# for Dot Net and Dot Net Core.

(Top – 3) JavaScript – It is ruling the Frontend, backend, middleware and Mobile apps. With highest contribution from big guns like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple for the Open Source. With Brands like NodeJS, ReactJS, Git, Ionic, Appcelerator and Angular. If you are interested towards iOT, JavaScript is going to make your life easy. You will get awesome support from IBM for it’s watson services based-on NodeJS.

(Top – 2) Google’s Go Lang – Machine level complied programming language. It is faster than Java and Python. High Speed execution, concurrency is high. Mainly designed for Network Application and best language to take advantage of multi core cpu for its performance. One of the best language for blockchain and Distributed Apps. Best suited for DevOps, Blockchain.

(Top – 1 ) Python -Now its Python’e Era. Anything and Everything – python is a part of it. BigData, iOT, ML, Deep Learning, DevOps, Blockchain, Web Application and DevOps this is ruling the world. Python is not my personal favorite, but its picking number 1 spot.


So the top 3 Award goes to Python, Go Lang and JavaScript with Runners-up Microsoft’s C# :)

Languages like Kotin for Android, R for Data Science are still booming, might be we can see these 2 will pick top 10 spot very soon.

Happy coding guys :)