Top 10 Programming languages for Next 2 Years

This is purely based on my own Market analysis. This is not going the hamper any brand value of any companies running behind these languages.

I have in touch and working with Many developers around the world for different programming languages. Being part of of Open source project hosted by Microsoft and Google.

So here you go, top 10 programming languages that are going to fight for next few years.

(Top – 10) C Programming – The God Father.

(Top – 9) Google’s Go Programming – Machine level complied programming language. It is faster than Java and Python. High Speed execution, concurrency is high.

(Top – 8) PHP – Still we are going to see PHP for next few years in Web-development. But end is near.

(Top – 7) TypeScript – With Microsoft is battling for OpenSource. As google ditch Plain javaScript in-placement with TypeScript for its Angular 2.0. It will rule the world of compilation in static type programming languages.

(Top – 6) Scala – Google it.

(Top – 5 ) Python -This is the language running behind Google, Gmail, Youtube, Big data Analytics. Is highly used for the script automation, Mechine learning, communication with hardware.

(Top – 4) Swift – In Few years Apple is going to absolute the Object-C programming language as Apple is putting more and more effort on Swift Programming. Nowadays apart from developing iOS/iPAD/Mac application, it’s getting possible to develop Backend application using swift it-self.

(Top – 3) Java – Will be the Boss for at least 6~7 Years. With highly managed Web-Application, Android Application and BigData.

(Top – 2) JavaScript – It is ruling the Frontend, backend, middleware and Mobile apps. With highest contribution from big guns like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple for the Open Source. With Brands like NodeJS, ReactJS, Git, Ionic, Applecelerator and AngularJS

(Top -1) C#  – As you know Microsoft take over Xamarin For the mobile Application development. C# is the default programming language for the Unity Framework Game and 3D engine application development. So with the Edge of Virtual reality and Mix Reality C# is going to pick it spot.

So the top 3 Award goes to C#, JavaScript and Java with Runners-up Apple’s Swift :)

Happy coding guys :)