Getting started with Apple’s Swift Language


So you would like to act CoooL & Code CoooL. So lets without a dew, enter into the Swift programming language.

Swift is now open source! Swift is a general-purpose programming language built using a modern approach.


What you should know, before enjoying Swift Lang.

  • If you know Apple’s Object-C Programming, then you can move fast
  • If you know C Programming language, then also you can move Ahead
  • If you know Javascript, then you will feel awesome to make a big switch
  • If you know Ruby or Python, also you will feel comfortable

Do not forget, you need MAC Laptop/Desktop, or we can say we need Apple MAC OS to run/compile Swift Lang. Wait Wait Wait, we have alternative for this solution. Even-if we don’t have MAC OS or even Map Laptop, we still can Test the beauty of Swift lang in Online Editors.

Following are the top rated Online Editors

What are the next steps to learn Swift Lang.

  • Basic Syntax & Programming concepts
  • Class & OOPs Concept
  • Error Handling
  • Hack into Swift
  • What can be built using Swift Lang

Resources to Learn Swift Language

Top 10 Reasons to learn Swift

  • It’s Open-Source. That means may thing is going to develop by developers around the world.
  • Syntax is stunning easy to learn.
  • Android is thinking to shift its primary language from Java to Swift.
  • It’s still backed by Apple, that means It is going to sustain for next many years.
  • Swift is 50% more faster than Objective-C programming language.
  • By end of 2016, Swift will be a finished product. It’s still on improvement phase.

Happy coding :)