Hybrid Mobile Application development Part-1

So you are a web engineer right. It seems like you feel bore these days with these daily routine codes and you want something change. Before you continue with your reading, lets confirm few things that, you are familar with following things

  • HTML5
  • CSS3

AND you want to develop some mobile application using these technology Right ? OK now proceed So you must be thinking how you are going to start this, ok don’t worry we will do that for you. So in this article we are going to give you the right direction of mobile application development. Mobile Application can be developed using above mentioned web technology and yes its true. So we call these type of development as “Hybrid mobile application development” Following are the short list of Platforms that hybrid application development supports. but apart from this there is a long list

  • Android OS ( Google )
  • iOS OS ( Apple )
  • Windows OS ( Microsoft )
  • BlackBerry OS ( BlackBerry )
  • Ubuntu (Ubuntu)
  • Firefox OS ( Mozilla )

So what are these platform really, OK i am explaining. Our PC or Desktop computer works well with OS like Windows OS or MAC OS , similarly mobile devices do have OS to allow mobile devices to run and handle user request. So why so many OSes ? Thats because competition in mobile market.

So you must heard about PhoneGap development or something like cordova development. So Lets clear some doubts with the namings.
Difference between PhoneGap and Cordova
Hybrid mobile app development is also known as following
  • Cross platform development – (Means 1 code that can run on many platforms like android, iOS, blackBerry, Windows)
  • Phonegap development (Adobe has started developing this technology and named it as phoneGap, but suddenly they not able to complete it, so they submitted the source code to Apache, Then apache took the project from adobe and fixed all the problem and named it as cordova. But phoneGap has a unique feature which allows developers to build/compile project on phonegap website, without any need to setup environment in their local development system, But this is paid service)
  • Cordova development – (This is currently maintained by Apache, and they are doing their best. )
So we can call ourself as “Cordova developers” – this is right
What is cordova
  • Cordova is a library which allows to access native mobile features like taking picture using camera access, Reading barcode using Barcode reader plugin and camera access
  • Native mobile application has a concept called “Webview”, means in the native mobile they can display one html page – or any external website
  • cordova is taking this power and cordova is  allowing us to display our html,css and javascript based app on web-view mode
  • Cordova we can say, its wrapper
Knowledge required to work in hybrid
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 – Very good
  • Javascript – Very good
  • Cordova plugins – Camera Access, Barcode reader, network access, Location access, SQLite database, Caching
  • Object oriented javascript – optional
  • Javascript frameworks like AngularJS – optional
What type of projects are suitable for Hybrid app development
  • In-case App is required for all platform in minimal development time.
  • App which has maximum 15~18 screens
  • App which don’t require to handle many video and images
  • Hybrid can never match the performance of Native app
Hybrid development life cycle
  • Requirement analysis – information gathering & preparing a document
  • Time estimation (Developer) – Rough
  • Wireframes design
  • Wireframes with UI flow – Each of the functional part of UI will be pointed with exact features
  • Wireframes approved by Client
  • Time estimation (Developer) – Proper – Best will be milestone set – Features wise release date fix
  • API document preparation by developer and deliver to backend team
  • Get the icons, images supports from design/UI team
  • HTML and Javascript development without functional – till the complication of API from backend team
  • HTML codes can be test on devices to avoid future blockers
  • Developer will start development
  • Code verification by Expert
  • Milestone wise delivery

Best Frameworks available for hybrid app development

  • Ionic Framework
  • Sencha extjs
  • IBM mobileFirst
  • Intel XDK

Let’s continue further with part-2