Angular UI module for AngularJS project

Are you confused while working with UI in AngularJS based application ?

Have you ever faced problem while working with AngularJS + Bootstrap combination ?

Do you know ng-view ? Ever wanted to use multiple ng-views in single page application ?

OK fine, you are a expert. But still you are in my blog and if you have time you can continue your reading, you may find it interesting.

The best module i can find for you is Angular-UI

You want Proper routing with Parent-child (state) concept.

You want to use bootstrap in NG style.

There are so many autocomplete plugin in web and you know that, but have you ever tried the typehead ?

Have you tried the best Dropdown in the web, that is select2.

I dont want to continue further, but i would suggest you to continue with angular-ui module. It will give you the most Angular way power to work in your next project.

Keep Coding :) and ngRocks