Are you into security

If  you are a web developer  or front-end developer or mobile developer, ever thought about security while writing codes.

Most of us, will say NO !! silently :)

Following could be reason

  • Work pressure
  • Don’t have time to think about security
  • Nobody told me so
  • Client never asked for
  • My technology is security proof (What rubbish)

What should we do now

  • Its time to say YES, if someone asks you about security measurement in your code
  • Its all google
  • Technology only allow you to secure your code, not your application. You are the person who will write security defensive codes.

I want to learn about security RIGHT NOW

  • XSS Attack (special necessary for Web and front-end developer)
  • CSRF Attack (Web developer)
  • Session hijack (Web developer and Front-end developer)
  • Server information (Web developer)
  • Defensive code (Cross check every bit of information, before displaying it on screen) (All)
  • Path vulnerability
  • password policy (all)
  • Error handling (All)

Reference to most valuable resource

Keep coding and keep WWW neat and clean :)