How to fix Drupal white screen error

Famously known as White screen of death. Some says as Blank page in drupal.

Sometimes drupal front page will work flawlessly but by visiting any other page will result in blank or white page.

There are several reason which is making this kind of error in drupal. Follow these basic guidelines to resolve drupal blank screen error

  • Clean url is not enabled in apache
  • If you don’t need clean URL, then just disable clean url from Drupal admin interface.
  • .htaccess is corrupted in drupal main directory
  • Agreegate CSS and JS compression is enabled in Drupal Admin interface, just disable it.
  • You are running your Drupal Application in servers like IIS rather than Apache, so you have to disable clean URL option in drupal admin interface
  • If everything is Right then database is corrupted,just restore your database,
  • In Drupal admin interface check reports like Status report,so check any issue related to server or drupal installation directory.

Keep fixing Bugs.