Convert PSD to HTML

Its very easy to convert any PSD file to desire HTML format.

There are many web sites that are offering this conversion for free.

Steps to convert your PSD to HTML

  • Be ready with your .psd file
  • goto¬†
  • In the Top right side section of this site,click on a button called “Upload your .psd file now”
  • Within fraction of some minute, it will convert your psd to desire HTML format
  • After convertsion,it will show you the HTML,CSS and Image codes
  • In top right side section, just click on the “Download .zip package”
  • This is it

But remember this is not intendant to convert your psd to professional coded html code, rather it will generate such code that, it will be easy for designers or developers those who don’t have idea or don’t have the software to convert psd to HTML.