How to Install mongodb on windows

Mongo is an open Source noSql and document driven Database. MongoDb is written in C++ language.

Following are the stpes to install mongo on windows OS 32bit or 64bit

Goto this page for download

For 32 bit version of mongoDb click below link

For 64 bit version of mongoDb click below link

Steps to configure mongoDb on windows OS


mongodb is most compatible in C: drive , so for that create a folder called “mongodb”  in your C: Drive.

Previously you have downloaded the mongodb, so just decompress that. After decompress of mongodb software, you will find the bin folder, so copy that BIN folder and paste in the c:mongodb folder.

So step is very simple i.e copy the bin folder to our own created mongodb folder inside c: drive.



Next step is to create a folder named “data” inside your c: drive. Then create another folder called “db” inside “data” folder.

like c:datadb

Up to this step you have already created 2 folder in your c: drive i.e data and mongodb.



Now you have to do the path setting for the mongodb. you need to go to SYSTEM properties of your OS, so to do that

In Windows Xp or Older

Right Click on MyComputer -> goto Properties

In Windows Vista or 7 or 8

Right Click on MyComputer ->goto Properties-> from the left side  of the window click on SYSTEM PROPERTIES

Then go to Advanced Tab -> Environment Variable  -> inside this search for “PATH” and select path -> then click on EDIT.

As per discussion in the stpe-1 , your bin folder path of mongoDb should be C:mongodbbin , so you just need to add this path to PATH list in the Environment variable.

At last click on all open window OK button.











Here 2 things you have to do.

  • 1st is to Start the mongoDb server. (console command is mongod)
  • 2nd thing is to write query for the database manipulation. ( console command is mongo)

To archive above this , Open your Console or Command prompt.

start menu -> RUN -> cmd.  Then press enter

Go to Bin folder by some console command

and type following command like follows

c:mongodbbinmongod.exe This command will start the mongoDb Server. By this time you must be created the data/db folder in your c: drive else it will create some problem in server start.











Now just minimize that console window and open another new console window.

In the new console command just mongo.exe like follows









Its all done. Your mongo is installed successfully in your system.

Keep Coding.