How to generate pdf using php .net java html

Are you developing application on PHP or .Net or Java or ROR or Cakephp or simple plane HTML, you can generate your PDF by using some simple steps.

Just below simple steps to generate pdf.By end of this article you will get to know how to generate pdf    of entire web page and how to generate pdf of some part of a web page.


Following are the configuration details to generate PDF or PRINT of webpage using simple Free API.

1. Choose Site Type

  • Choose the most common option i.e Website

2. Choose Button

  • Choose any of the image you want

3. Features

  • Two most features you must select are PDF and Print. From the dropdown list you have to select Allow.
  • What ever you are using in your application /website , this PDF API may not capture those CSS, so to make it work you need to provide a valid CSS path to this features list.
  • So there is one option which will ask for Custom css url , so what ever css file you have, just upload that .css file to any public hosting like Dropbox or google Drive.After upload generate a public link of that css and file paste the list our here.
  • Website protocol: if your application or website is running on HTTPS or HTTP, based on that choose the option.

3. Copy the Code

  • After you have done with your all your configuration, just copy the code from the last part and paste in your page, the page where you want to generate PDF. Run that page you will be able to generate pdf.