How to setup cakephp console in linux and Mac

To work faster and develop faster , cakephp is providing the easiest solution.

Everybody must familiar with command prompt in windows or Terminal in Linux.

In Command prompt, just by typing 1 line command we can create project MVC structure with Settings ready for development.

Just by typing 2~3 commands we can add validation.

All above is possible with the cakephp console features.

Following are the steps to get set go

Download the cakephp from cakephp site or SVN

Extract the data using some compress engine software.

After extracting , copy your folder to the htdocs or www folder of your local XAMPP.

In your home directory ,Edit your .bashrc or .bash_profile file

At the end of the all line add the following lines to it.
export PATH="$PATH:/opt/lmapp/cakephp/lib/Cake/Console"
export PATH="$PATH:/opt/lmapp/bin"

Now save the file and goto terminal in linux
just type cake
and then press enter ,there you can see message from cakephp.

Keep Coding!!!!!!