Introduction to manual testing

Software Testing is the process of checking, if the software can meet the user’s expectation.

This process can be used for testing a software for both web testing and windows application testing.

The Correctness and completeness of a software with respect to customers requirement and
expection is called as Software Testing.

Software Testing is an process of executing a program or a software with the intent of finding errors, validating against requirements.

Why a Software needs Testing

To Avoid the below mention point.

  • The software has poor quality.
  • The software may contain the critical error or bug.
  • The cost of error or bug may be too high.

We do Software testing for following reasons.

  • To check the reliability of the software.
  • To be ensure that the software does not contain any bug which can become a reason for failure.
  • The software made according to its specification.


What is Quality Assurance(QA)

In developing products and services, quality assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. Many companies have a separate department devoted to quality assurance. A quality assurance system is said to increase customer confidence and a Organization’s credibility, to improve
work processes and efficiency, and to enable a company to better compete with others. Quality assurance was initially introduced in World War II when munitions were inspected and tested for defects after they were made.Today’s quality assurance systems emphasize catching defects before they get into the final product.

What is Quality Control(QC)
Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer. QC is similar to, but not identical with, quality assurance (QA). QA is defined as a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a product or service under development (before work is complete, as opposed to afterwards) meets specified requirements. QA is sometimes expressed together with QC as a single expression, quality assurance and control (QA/QC)Quality control is a process that is used to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service. It might include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control and verification of certain characteristics of a product or service. Most often, it involves thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products or the results of services. The basic goal of this process is to ensure that the products or services that are provided meet specific requirements and characteristics, such as being dependable, satisfactory, safe and fiscally sound.