How to fix drupal and pgsql deployment issue

In software development process generally we follows 3 phases

  • Development
  • Staging
  • production

Sometimes sites running well in local environment.

it may throw some unwanted errors and warnings in live server.

Generally Drupal showing these kind of errors ,when there is a combination of

Drupal Pgsql Installation.

As per Pgsql 8 and 9 are concerned ,currently they are running with bytea_output = ‘escape’ issue.

Either we can modify it in postgresql.conf of pgsql.

The best solution is

Copy your entire drupal site folder to your new server’s (htdocs or www folder).

Backup your existing Pgsql database and save it in your system as xyz.backup.

Create a empty database in your pgsql.

Then run the following query

ALTER   DATABASE  drupalDbName SET bytea_output = ‘escape’;

Now Restore your newly created database from the old pgsql backup file.

Now goto your browser and test your site.

Happy coding!!!!!!.