Install php editor in ubuntu linux

I am personally using two editor in my ubuntu .There two are very powerfull and free.

  • Komodo edit
  • Bluefish

Install komodo in linux

Download Komodo Edit from below url for Linux

Now after downloading the file , extract all the content of the compressed file to the ubuntu desktop.

Then Copy the entire extracted folder to ubuntu home Folder ,you may keep the file on desktop.

Now click on and click on run on terminal .

This will ask for folder name, give any folder name you want,In fraction of second you can see a

new folder as you types ,will be created inside the komodo installed directory.

This is done.You have completed the installation procedure.

In the ubuntu desktop you can find a Komodo edit shortcut icon autometically created.

Click on the komodo icon from desktop to begin the journey of code.

Install bluefish in linux

This is the most simplest of installation , to do that goto terminal and type of following command.
sudo apt-get install bluefish

Now goto your Application dashboard and search for Bluefish , you will find the editor.

This done.

Keep Coding !!!!!!