Access Mysql through GUI in ubuntu linux

To work properly with Ubuntu , we need some GUI tool access mysql database easily.
GUI tools like

  • Mysql Query browser
  • Mysql Server Administrator

To install above two tools ,we need to type following command in terminal

sudo apt-get install mysql-gui-tools-common

Then goto your application dashboard ,then search for mysql , there you can find two tools to work with.

Our main tool will be Mysql Query browser, open that tool.After opening it will ask for the

If you are using XAMPP /LAMPP in Ubuntu linux , then

In the host enter the value  , remember value as localhost may not work.

In the user write down pma and  just left blank the password , you will be connecting to Mysql.

pma is the default user in lampp. You can also continue with your user as root with password as blank.

From here onwards you can continue with your Database.

Keep coding !!!!!!

Below image is Mysql GUI query browser Login page, here you have to enter your

Host as (Remember localhost may not work)

user : root

password :

Below image is the Query browser window after login to the query browser