Unable to access public folder in Zend Framework

As public folder is the main folder in zend framework. Sometimes its very odd to get started with zend framework.

Sometimes you will not find the public folder in the list of directory list while accessing your project through browser.

Showing error like internal server error.

Let me tell you ,the problem is with the Apache setting.Then problem is with theĀ Apache’s mod_rewrite.

1.if you are using xampp or wamp or lamp or MAMP.All saving the same apache folder in their directory listing.Go to you apache folder

2.then goto the conf folder.

3.Open the file called httpd.conf

4.Inside the httpd.conf file, uncomment the line LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

to uncomment just remove the pound ‘#’ sign from the line.

5.Now restart your apache server.You will able to see the perfect working zend framework.