How to work with static Google Map Integration

Is it sounds so hard, I really do not even think so.A static Google Map is so easy.

Following are the steps to get a google map in your site

1.Go to your html page

2.In BODY part of html page just define a img tag and in the src attribute of img tag add the google map location

You must be thinking what is Google map location , Well let me tell you how to find your desire location from Google map

This is the img location but ,we need to pass extra parameters to the static map web service

parameters like

1. Parameter name is center

Eg: center=india , bhubaneswar, jatni (location of the can also pass latitude and longitude of a location)

2.Parameter name is zoom

3.zoom=14 (how much zoom you want in the image)

4.size=512×512 (size of the image)

5.maptype=roadmap or satellite (road map show the Map view while satellite shows the earth view)

6.format=png or gif or png or jpeg (Format of the image that google server will return, Default is png)


Example of a complete url,bhubaneswar,%20jatni%20&zoom=12&size=512×512&maptype=satellite&&format=gif&sensor=false