How to start with jquery


Write less and Do More, thats what jquery is all about. Personally am a big fan of  jquery.

Let start out main point of Discussion

1.How i can download a jquery library and start using in my HTML page Or in my Project

Let me tell you 1 thing, Without even downloading the jquery file you can use it in ur project.

Here is the basic example of it



<script language=”javascript”







OR next simple method is,just download the jquery library file from

Download .zip

2. I really Confused about the $ sign or $jquery format of writing in Jquery Coding,Please get me out of here

if you ever have familiar with Concept of OOP then ,the Ans of this question is far easy for you.Like in Programming languages .net, Java and php we can also use OOPs concept is Javascript.for that we have to just base line funtion .we can use function with symbol of $. Jquery is completly built on Javascript OOPs Concept.